Concerning the fact that the European Chess Union would like to contribute to the development and popularization of chess among the group of federations known as the Small Nations which consists of the Federations of Andorra, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, the European Chess Union Board has made the following


Every year a certain amount of money will be allocated for helping the development of chess in the Small Nations. The following amounts of money will be allocated:

In even-numbered years, when the Small Nations Chess Championship is not organized (this applies to the European Federations only), the amount in question is 15,000 €.  The amount will be allocated for concrete projects and proposals and it will be spent according to the number of rated players, ideas and the needs of those federations. The amount cannot be more than 2,500 € and less than 500 € per federation.

  In odd-numbered years, when the Small Nations Chess Championship is organized, the amount of 30,000 € will be allocated to the Small Nations as the general sponsorship for the organization of the Championship.

  The European Chess Union Board is inviting the Small Nations to nominate the President and two members of the Commission of the Small Nations in order that this group of Federations makes the institutional connection with the ECU more easily and successfully.

Albena, September 14 2011                                                                      ECU Board