Webmaster welcome – Welcome by the Zone President

Welcome to the European Small Nations Association’s website.  There has been a great deal of effort in creating this website, which is intended to function as an electronic magazine.  It has been spent a lot of time to achieve this goal. The website belongs exclusively to our Zone and you will be able to find here information about all ESNA events but you can also update it with your own local activities.  May I take this opportunity to ask all of you who really love the sport of chess, embrace this effort and support it so that this website is kept as a powerful tool for informing and promoting chess in Europe.  I hope this effort will be appreciated and loved by all of you.  Any suggestions for future improvement of the website are welcome.  Show understanding and forgive me for any omissions and weaknesses. Additionally, I hope that this website will also be useful to people outside the chess area to find interesting information to increase their knowledge of such a “big” and a great sport like chess!!!

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