ESNA Meeting in Tromso, Norway on the 9th of August 2014

The first ESNA meeting was held on the 9th of August 2014 during Tromso Olympiad. It was decided that the name of the Association will be ‘‘European Small Nations Association’’ (ESNA).  It was also decided that the committee of ESNA will consist of four (4) members and immediate after, the first elections were held. There was only one candidate on each position, so the following members were unanimously elected for the years 2014 – 2018.

Mr Paris Klerides from Cyprus – President
Mr Olivier Jeitz from Luxembourg – Vice President
Mr Finnbjorn Vang from the Faroe Islands – General Secretary
Mr Joan Obregon from Andorra – Treasurer

Major decisions:

Regarding a statute, the compilation in the body of the new Board will be approved by FIDE General Assembly which will be held on the 12th of August 2014 in Tromso, Norway.  ESNA General Secretary, Mr Finnbjorn Vang will present a draft statute by the 12th of August 2014.

It was decided that long time before each championship, ESNA will ask ECU to secure by a written contract its annual financial support.  As proposed by FIDE Deputy President Mr George Makropoulos in Larnaca in April 2014, the new board must prepare and send a budget to FIDE for educational supports.

It was agreed that ESNA would create and maintain a website dedicated to its activities.  Andorra will take responsibility for dealing with it.

Forthcoming events of ESNA:

The Delegate of Guernsey, Mr Fred Hamperl, explained the preparation of the European Small Nations Team Championship 2015 to be held in Guernsey in April 2015.

The next Individual Championship which was initially decided to be hosted in the Faroe Islands in 2016 has been transferred to Luxembourg after a mutual agreement.  Luxembourg Chess Federation committed to send a formal application to host the event.  This change was approved by all members of ESNA.

Admission of new members: It was decided not to accept the admission of new members to the association but it’s up to the organizers to decide if they wish to invite as guests, any team or individuals, from Estonia, Iceland, Montenegro or Slovenia, conditionally that the FIDE rating average will be no more than 2350.

Upon suggestion of Mr Paris Klerides, all members approved the nomination of Mr Willy Iclicki as ESNA Honorary President.

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